I've been taking photos for 10 years for no other purpose than it's enjoyment and I am certain I will continue this practice for the rest of my life. There's something about film photography that grasped me in my teens and is still with me today. From this I've accumulated quite the collection of film cameras and lenses. It's a blessing and a curse (If you're a fellow film shooter I know you'll understand) so feel free to send me a message about anything film related.

After living in many places from childhood until now, I've been curious about what constitutes memory and what remains from it's vast constellation of fleeing moments spent in particular spaces. The images of dreams that reoccur for me are always beautiful and nostalgic. I do all I can to recreate and search for these mundane romanticisation's of homes, nature and candid life.

I take photos because I feel I need to. How much memory is lost in time? Yet the details are important. The space we grow and experience in is just as important as how happy we may appear. This is my life's work, and unfailing memory.


Great Service. Exactly what we were after. Would definitely recommend!


Such a great photographer, and lovely guy! Was in all the right places and took the most wonderful photos. So generous with his time!


You got the look and get the look


Dude, these are sick!

-Peach Fur

If anyone is looking for an event photographer I would highly recommend Liav. His is amazing. I'm so happy with the pictures he took for my 40th birthday party, and so well priced!


Liav, thank you so much! You were amazing to have at my event. Everybody loved you and you were so kind and funny. Thank you so much!



I have also been a featured artist in:

  • Malaise zine 2017
  • Love Shack: A Suburban Exhibition 2020
  • Within These Walls Exhibition 2021
  • House of Iris Exhibition 2022
  • No Order Magazine 02 (2022)

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